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Beneficiary profile.

Father/Husband Name:
Address: Village: Luntara , Block: Ghat , District: Chamoli
Contact Number:
Payment Type Amount
(in lacs)
Date of Payment
Room rent0.0324-January-2014
Room rent0.2128-February-2014
First installment1.5003-March-2014
Room rent0.0604-March-2014
Room rent0.0317-April-2014
Room rent0.0928-May-2014
Second installment2.0004-June-2014
Room rent0.0918-July-2014
Room rent0.0303-September-2014
Room rent0.0301-October-2014
Room rent0.0315-November-2014
Room rent0.0310-December-2014
Room rent0.0321-May-2015
Final installment0.5003-February-2017
Third installment1.0003-February-2017
Total amount received(in lacs):               5.66