Sub Project Profile Report

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Sub Project Profile Report

Birsanikhal-Kota-Silsu-bhutnisi MR Agreement signed
Project: UDRP-RB UID: 2272 Sanction Cost: 151.24  lakh Length: 3.500 KM.
District: Pauri Block: Kot Constituency: Pauri Circle: Tehri WB Circle
DEA: DEA Pauri DSC: Egis International DSC Scope: only Supervision Type: VR
Package No.: 131        Package Name:  UDRP/PWD/06/67/RD/049(N)        Tender Date: 15-12-2016        Current Status: Agreement signed        Achieved on Date: 03-08-2017

Construction Phase

Agreement Details
Bond/Agreement Name: UDRP/PWD/06/67/RD/049(N)      Contractor Name: Bharat Construction
Start Date:  10-08-2017      Intended Completion Date:  31-12-2018      Original End Date:  09-05-2018
Total Bond Cost: 32395168.86 (323.95 lakh)       
Sub Project Cost: 96.00  lakh       
LD Analysis for Milestone1: Ld Not applicable        LD Analysis for Milestone2: Ld Not applicable       
Component Wise Progress
SNo. Progress Name As per Work Programme As per Actual
Quantity Amount
(in lakh)
Start Date End Date Target Quantity Achieved Quantity Progress(in %) Cost of completed work
(in lakh)
1.Hill side Cutting & Slip clearence0.50 KM1.6825-10-201720-12-20180.50 KM0.50 KM2.951.68
2.R/Wall, B/ Wall Type Protection works228.00 m3.6026-10-201725-12-2018228.00 m228.00 m6.323.60
3.GSB/RBI/G-10.08 KM0.6126-12-201705-02-20183.58 KM0.00 KM00.00
4.G-20.43 KM2.2906-02-201810-03-20183.93 KM0.00 KM00.00
5.G-33.30 KM19.0011-03-201805-04-20186.80 KM0.00 KM00.00
6.PC/CC i/c Prime Coat, Tack Coat3.30 KM19.0005-04-201806-05-20186.80 KM0.00 KM00.00
7.Culverts/Scupper 2.00 No3.6728-10-201720-02-20182.00 No2.00 No6.433.67
8.longitudinal Drain3300.00 m2.3602-03-201820-04-20184615.85 m0.00 m00.00
9.Road Furniture38.00 No0.8405-03-201831-12-20182.00 No2.00 No1.470.84
10.Other Allied Works & Finishing Work 1.00 Job3.9810-03-201831-12-20181.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
Total Amount: 57.03 17.17   9.79
Remarks: No Remarks       Work Program Made On: 22-11-2017        Updation of work program on: 17-11-2018       
Work Program Status:Program Expired.
Financial Progress
SNo. Date Payment
1.26-May-201515.09  lakh
2.30-September-201530.34  lakh
Previous Package Expenditure Total 45.43  lakh
SNo. Date Payment
1.30-December-201712.87  lakh
2.28-February-201814.08  lakh
3.09-May-20188.64  lakh
4.30-June-20180.22  lakh
5.29-September-20181.23  lakh
Total 37.04  lakh
% Payment38.58 %
Advance Amount:  26.44  lakh        Recovered Amount:  22.44  lakh        Balance to be Recovered  4.00  lakh        * Advances are at package level not sub project level
Analysis:Physical Progress Wrongly Reported.
Tracking Signal of Subproject.
Pending Environmental & Social issues
Environment & Social Compliances(Package level): Staff not deputed yet
Environment & Social Compliances(Sub Project level): No Pending Issue
Detailed report of this subproject
No. of Test Required : 203   No. of Test Done : 211    No. of Test Passed : 203   No. of Test Failed : 8   Test report of this package      * Tests Information is at package level not sub project level
Quality Ranking in %: 87.09
No Notice issued.

Mobile Pic Upload

Number of Pics Available on Web Repository: 11
( last 20 Pics)
SNo. Creation date Landmark Remark Data Collector Designation Orgnization Pic
1.24-08-2018Ch. 3+500Chief sir visitAnkur VishwakarmaSite EngineerDSC2 R&B WB Pauri See Pic
2.19-01-2018Ch 0/0B/wallAnkur VishwakarmaSite EngineerDSC2 R&B WB Pauri See Pic
3.19-01-2018Ch 0+800B/wall is in progressAnkur VishwakarmaSite EngineerDSC2 R&B WB Pauri See Pic
4.19-01-2018Ch 1/31Slip clearance at bend is progressAnkur VishwakarmaSite EngineerDSC2 R&B WB Pauri See Pic
5.16-09-2015R/W .Wotk on progressR/W Work on progressS.s.mewarJEDEA WB Pauri See Pic
6.16-09-2015Ch.0.350Scupper work on progressS.s.mewarJEDEA WB Pauri See Pic
7.16-09-2015ch.1.200Scupp.steel.BindingS.s.mewarJEDEA WB Pauri See Pic
8.04-06-2015Chh.0 450G-3 (Rejected )S.s.mewarJEDEA WB Pauri See Pic
9.31-03-2015birsanikhal-kota-silsu CH:3+000c/o of G-1Vijay TiwariSite SupervisorUDRP R&B DSC2 Pauri See Pic
10.31-03-2015birsanikhal-kota-silsu CH:0+600c/o of scupperVijay TiwariSite SupervisorUDRP R&B DSC2 Pauri See Pic
11.28-03-201502+200G-1Umesh MishraSite superviserDEA WB Pauri See Pic