Sub Project Profile Report

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Sub Project Profile Report

Harinagri-Kulau-Gwaldam MR Work Completed
Project: UDRP-RB UID: 1118 Sanction Cost: 956.10  lakh Length: 17.000 KM.
District: Bageshwar Block: Garud Constituency: Bageshwar Circle: Pithoragarh WB Circle
DEA: DEA Bageshwar DSC: Royal Haskoning DHV DSC Scope: Design and Supervision Type: VR
Package No.: 109        Package Name:  UDRP/PWD/08/05/RD/98        Tender Date: 10-04-2015        Current Status: Agreement signed        Achieved on Date: 07-07-2015

Construction Phase

Agreement Details
Bond/Agreement Name: UDRP/PWD/08/05/RD/98      Contractor Name: Anil Malik Contractor
Start Date:  14-07-2015      Intended Completion Date:  31-12-2016      Original End Date:  13-10-2016
Total Bond Cost: 92930638.35 (929.31 lakh)        Variation Cost: 4331703.78 (43.32 lakh)    Hence Total Bond Cost is   97262342.13 (972.62 lakh) 
LD Analysis for Milestone1: calculated LD is Rs 1951530 for 42 days        LD Analysis for Milestone2: calculated LD is Rs 2044460 for 44 days       
Component Wise Progress
SNo. Progress Name As per Work Programme As per Actual
Quantity Amount
(in lakh)
Start Date End Date Target Quantity Achieved Quantity Progress(in %) Cost of completed work
(in lakh)
1.Hill side Cutting & Slip clearence1.95 KM55.5201-08-201531-12-20161.95 KM1.95 KM5.9455.52
2.R/Wall, B/ Wall Type Protection works1288.00 m171.5601-08-201515-11-20161288.00 m1288.00 m18.36171.56
3.GSB/RBI/G-14.81 KM81.8601-01-201630-10-20164.81 KM4.81 KM8.7681.86
4.G-313.40 KM94.7601-03-201630-10-201613.40 KM13.40 KM10.1494.76
5.PC/CC i/c Prime Coat, Tack Coat15.10 KM214.2515-03-201615-11-201615.10 KM15.10 KM22.93214.25
6.Cause Way1.00 No13.1320-05-201515-06-20161.00 No1.00 No1.4113.13
7.Culverts/Scupper 29.00 No108.4701-08-201531-12-201629.00 No29.00 No11.61108.47
8.longitudinal Drain16930.00 m99.1301-09-201530-11-201612468.00 m12468.00 m10.6199.13
9.Crash Barrier2230.00 m53.8701-07-201631-12-20162230.00 m2230.00 m5.7753.87
10.Parapet390.00 No9.4601-07-201630-09-2016390.00 No390.00 No1.019.46
11.Road Furniture3162.00 No20.4601-08-201631-12-20163162.00 No3162.00 No2.1920.46
12.Other Allied Works & Finishing Work 1.00 Job11.9715-02-201630-11-20161.00 Job1.00 Job1.2811.97
Total Amount: 934.44 100   934.44
Remarks: No Remarks       Work Program Made On: 29-09-2015        Updation of work program on: 28-11-2017       
Work Program Status:Task Finish.
Financial Progress
SNo. Date Payment
1.30-October-201554.22  lakh
2.23-December-201552.04  lakh
3.06-January-201628.89  lakh
4.01-February-201671.36  lakh
5.28-March-201692.27  lakh
6.31-May-2016135.73  lakh
7.09-August-201676.80  lakh
8.29-September-201672.14  lakh
9.22-October-2016187.02  lakh
10.08-December-20160.41  lakh
11.21-December-201690.51  lakh
12.02-February-20170.33  lakh
13.09-February-201742.25  lakh
14.08-September-20170.17  lakh
15.18-September-201770.20  lakh
16.16-November-20184.63  lakh
Total 978.97  lakh
% Payment 100.67 %
Advance Amount:  402.76  lakh        Recovered Amount:  510.08  lakh        Balance to be Recovered  -107.32  lakh        * Advances are at package level not sub project level
Tracking Signal of Subproject.
Pending Environmental & Social issues
Environment & Social Compliances(Package level):
Environment & Social Compliances(Sub Project level):
Detailed report of this subproject
No. of Test Required : 845   No. of Test Done : 830    No. of Test Passed : 806   No. of Test Failed : 24   Test report of this package      * Tests Information is at package level not sub project level
Quality Ranking in %: 88.16
Number of Notice(s) issued: 74

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Number of Pics Available on Web Repository: 227
( last 20 Pics)
SNo. Creation date Landmark Remark Data Collector Designation Orgnization Pic
1.06-05-201712+760Slip clearance and drain Excavation requiredManoj BhattREDSC2 R&B WB Pauri See Pic
2.09-01-2017Ch- 1+650Damaged exiting Culvert has been replaced by new Culvert.Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
3.19-11-2016Ch 5.800Causeway inspection by CE sir almora.Jagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
4.19-11-2016Ch 3.550Inspection of Lab by CE sir PWD (kumau)almora.Jagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
5.19-11-2016Ch 0.200PC thickness checking and found 20 mm.Jagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
6.19-11-2016Ch 0.00CE sir PWD almora inspectionJagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
7.19-11-2016Ch-12+000PC completed and Seal coat being applied on last 300 mMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
8.16-11-2016Ch-17+075Seal coat laying over PC SurfaceMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
9.16-11-2016Ch-9+400 to 9+420B/ Wall including new road surface damaged by local in illegal way,Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
10.16-11-2016Ch-3+650Conducted Ambient Air quality test, Result awaitedMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
11.16-11-2016At plantStock of Emulsion at HMP for use in prime coat & tack coat for Pkg 98 & 99Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
12.03-11-2016Chainage 15+900Seal coat in progress during the site visit of DPMManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
13.03-11-2016Chainage 15+980PC thickness checked and found 33mmManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
14.03-11-2016Starting pointRoad visited by DPMManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
15.03-11-2016HMPDPM visited roadManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
16.26-10-2016Ch-1+650Existing Culvert damage, repairing required.Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
17.19-10-2016Ch-2+935Loose Thickness of PMC 30mmMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
18.19-10-2016Ch-2+935PMC Laying and laying temperature found 103 °CMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
19.19-10-2016Ch- 2+925PMC Laying & quality is goodMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
20.17-10-2016Ch 5.450Laying of P.Q.C on causewaySanjeev BhattAEUDRP R&B Bageshwar See Pic