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Package Profile Report

AF/01B/BC/PIU/PB/UDRP/2018 Agreement signed
Project: UDRP-AF(Public Building) Package No.: 3011 Package Name: AF/01B/BC/PIU/PB/UDRP/2018 Sanction Cost: 7902.39  lakhs
District: Dehradun Block: Doiwala Constituency: Doiwala Circle:
DEA: DEA PB DSC: DSC Scope: Supervision No.of Sub project : 1
Subproject in this package
1  7415   SDRF ( KM.) (in prorgress)
Package No.: 3011        Package Name: AF/01B/BC/PIU/PB/UDRP/2018        Tender Date: 10-06-2021        Current Status: Agreement signed        Achieved on Date: 14-06-2021

Construction Phase

Agreement Details
Bond/Agreement Name: AF/01B/BC/PIU/PB/UDRP/2018        Contractor Name: M/s NKG Infrastructure Ltd       
Start Date: 17-01-2019        Intended Completion Date: 25-01-2022        Original End Date:  16-07-2020
Total Bond Cost: 790239159.64 (7902.39 lakhs)       
LD Analysis for Milestone1: Ld Not applicable        LD Analysis for Milestone2: Ld Not applicable       
Component Wise Progress
SNo. Progress Name As per Work Programme As per Actual
Quantity Amount
(in lakhs)
Target Quantity Achieved Quantity Progress(in %) Cost of completed work
(in lakhs)
1.Training Block100.00 Job353.44100.00 Job89.74 Job3.4317.17
2.Admin Block100.00 Job389.29100.00 Job88.82 Job3.71345.77
3.Multipurpose Hall100.00 Job545.92100.00 Job42.08 Job2.47229.72
4.Senior Officer Transit Hostel100.00 Job283.80100.00 Job66.53 Job2.03188.81
5.Junior Officer Transit Hostel100.00 Job247.07100.00 Job65.72 Job1.74162.37
6.Dispensary100.00 Job83.59100.00 Job83.10 Job0.7569.46
7.Barracks100.00 Job820.08100.00 Job56.46 Job4.97463.02
8.Dog Kennel100.00 Job116.96100.00 Job70.59 Job0.8982.56
9.M.T. Office100.00 Job64.84100.00 Job51.88 Job0.3633.64
10.Garrage100.00 Job105.81100.00 Job93.22 Job1.0698.63
11.Laundary & Washing100.00 Job27.830.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
12.Training Related Store100.00 Job78.73100.00 Job94.01 Job0.7974.01
13.Rescue & Relief Store100.00 Job129.76100.00 Job91.99 Job1.28119.36
14.Pavillion100.00 Job4.95100.00 Job1.46 Job00.07
15.Type V 100.00 Job101.82100.00 Job56.34 Job0.6257.36
16.Type IV -1100.00 Job81.51100.00 Job61.64 Job0.5450.24
17.Type IV -2100.00 Job81.51100.00 Job68.25 Job0.655.63
18.Type III -1100.00 Job202.86100.00 Job45.68 Job0.9992.67
19.Type III -2100.00 Job202.86100.00 Job54.07 Job1.18109.69
20.Type III -3100.00 Job202.86100.00 Job51.28 Job1.12104.03
21.Type III -4100.00 Job202.86100.00 Job48.23 Job1.0597.84
22.Type II -1100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job83.10 Job1.33123.58
23.Type II -2100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job83.72 Job1.34124.50
24.Type II -3100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job81.32 Job1.3120.93
25.Type II -4100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job75.19 Job1.2111.81
26.Type II -5100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job79.97 Job1.28118.92
27.Type II -6100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job79.56 Job1.27118.31
28.Type II -7100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job98.71 Job1.58146.79
29.Type II -8100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job93.34 Job1.49138.80
30.Type II -9100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job94.99 Job1.52141.26
31.Type II -10100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job90.91 Job1.45135.19
32.Type II -11100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job91.68 Job1.46136.33
33.Type II -12100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job89.75 Job1.43133.46
34.Type II -13100.00 Job148.71100.00 Job90.57 Job1.45134.68
35.Trade Complex100.00 Job113.13100.00 Job25.55 Job0.3128.91
36.Waste Management System100.00 Job18.33100.00 Job26.16 Job0.054.80
37.STP Maintainance room100.00 Job19.22100.00 Job20.98 Job0.044.03
38.Sub station 1100.00 Job34.03100.00 Job59.12 Job0.2220.12
39.Sub station 2100.00 Job17.07100.00 Job52.33 Job0.18.93
40.Common Toilet100.00 Job47.070.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
41.Driver Dormitry100.00 Job90.42100.00 Job29.86 Job0.2927.00
42.Guard Room100.00 Job15.730.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
43.Main Gate & Site Gate100.00 Job42.25100.00 Job56.51 Job0.2623.88
44.Watch Tower -1100.00 Job11.12100.00 Job26.39 Job0.032.94
45.Watch Tower -2100.00 Job11.12100.00 Job24.77 Job0.032.75
46.Watch Tower -3100.00 Job11.12100.00 Job24.77 Job0.032.75
47.Watch Tower -4100.00 Job11.12100.00 Job24.77 Job0.032.75
48.Watch Tower -5100.00 Job11.12100.00 Job24.77 Job0.032.75
49.Watch Tower -6100.00 Job11.12100.00 Job25.85 Job0.032.88
50.VCB Panel Room100.00 Job19.52100.00 Job30.56 Job0.065.97
51.UG Tank-250 KL100.00 Job60.65100.00 Job88.18 Job0.5753.49
52.Sentry Post -4100.00 Job5.520.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
53.Washing Ramp Work100.00 Job13.41100.00 Job82.00 Job0.1210.99
54.Site Development Work100.00 Job281.61100.00 Job23.84 Job0.7267.14
55.Road Network Work100.00 Job582.10100.00 Job21.13 Job1.32123.00
56.Jogging Track Work100.00 Job6.500.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
57.Drainage Work100.00 Job176.60100.00 Job42.65 Job0.8175.32
58.External Electrificaion Work100.00 Job496.45100.00 Job47.61 Job2.54236.36
59.Fire Fighting Work100.00 Job257.66100.00 Job27.60 Job0.7671.12
60.Water Supply Work100.00 Job41.76100.00 Job71.03 Job0.3229.66
61.Treated Water Work100.00 Job78.52100.00 Job19.10 Job0.1615.00
62.External sewerage Work100.00 Job116.29100.00 Job80.62 Job1.0193.75
63.Rain Water harvesting Work100.00 Job53.540.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
64.Ladscaping and Horticulture Work100.00 Job74.890.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
65.Solar Water Heating Work100.00 Job22.750.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
66.Solar Fencing for Elephant protection work100.00 Job3.730.00 Job0.00 Job00.00
67.OHT Work-500 KL100.00 Job175.10100.00 Job61.79 Job1.16108.19
68.Tubewell Work100.00 Job16.66100.00 Job15.60 Job0.032.60
69.STP Work-250 KLD100.00 Job92.00100.00 Job44.46 Job0.4440.90
70.Misc.Work100.00 Job16.76100.00 Job10.00 Job0.021.68
Total Amount: 9317.57 59.09   5506.27
Remarks: No Remarks       Work Program Made On: 18-06-2021       Updation of work program on: 26-08-2021      
Work Program Status:Work Programme workable.
Financial Progress
SNo. Date Payment
1.24-August-201926.26  lakhs
2.10-October-2019142.11  lakhs
3.11-November-2019182.89  lakhs
4.11-December-201975.58  lakhs
5.08-January-2020105.75  lakhs
6.12-February-2020183.21  lakhs
7.13-March-2020212.91  lakhs
8.15-April-2020247.83  lakhs
9.19-June-202093.23  lakhs
10.20-August-202081.23  lakhs
11.15-September-202061.60  lakhs
12.30-September-2020144.65  lakhs
13.06-November-2020150.00  lakhs
14.12-November-2020172.45  lakhs
15.25-January-2021217.06  lakhs
16.18-March-2021150.00  lakhs
17.31-March-2021390.68  lakhs
18.11-June-2021456.85  lakhs
19.15-July-2021385.30  lakhs
Total 3479.59  lakhs
% Payment 44.03 %
Advance Amount:  87.48  lakhs        Recovered Amount:  87.48  lakhs        Balance to be Recovered  0.00  lakhs        * Advances are at package level not sub project level
Analysis:Bill should be issued
Pending Environmental & Social issues
Environment & Social Compliances(Package level):Staff not deputed yet
Environment & Social Compliances(Sub Project level):
SDRF(7415)No Pending Issue
Detailed report of this Package
Test Information not Available.
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No Notice issued.

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