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Package Profile Report

UDRP/AF/RBP/07 Agreement signed
Project: UDRP-AF(RBP) Package No.: 3003 Package Name: UDRP/AF/RBP/07 Sanction Cost: 738.00  lakhs
District: Rudraprayag Block: Ukhimath Constituency: Kedarnath Circle:
DEA: DEA RPW DSC: TPF Getinsa Eurostudios S.L. in Association with V DSC Scope: Design and Supervision No.of Sub project : 1
Subproject in this package
1  7404   Banswara Mandakani (0.902 KM.) (in prorgress)
Package No.: 3003        Package Name: UDRP/AF/RBP/07        Tender Date: 16-08-2019        Current Status: Agreement signed        Achieved on Date: 14-01-2020

Construction Phase

Agreement Details
Bond/Agreement Name: UDRP/AF/RBP/07        Contractor Name: Chaudhary Sandeep Contractor & Suppliers       
Start Date: 21-01-2020        Intended Completion Date: 31-03-2022        Original End Date:  20-07-2021
Total Bond Cost: 61098635 (610.99 lakhs)       
LD Analysis for Milestone1: Ld Not applicable        LD Analysis for Milestone2: calculated LD is Rs 21414849 for 701 days       
Component Wise Progress
SNo. Progress Name As per Work Programme As per Actual
Quantity Amount
(in lakhs)
Target Quantity Achieved Quantity Progress(in %) Cost of completed work
(in lakhs)
1.Env. Man & Moni Plan6.00 Job3.286.00 Job5.00 Job0.52.73
2.Other Allied Works & Finishing Work 15.00 Job12.6715.00 Job11.00 Job1.79.29
3.Excavation in Foundation4119.00 cum12.144119.00 cum2945.00 cum1.598.68
4.PCC in Foundation304.00 cum15.58304.00 cum240.15 cum2.2612.31
5.Construction Embankments4921.00 cum2.684921.00 cum3070.00 cum0.311.67
6.Launching Aprons836.00 cum69.07836.00 cum650.00 cum9.8453.70
7.Excavation in soil11039.00 cum4.3111039.00 cum7900.00 cum0.573.08
8.CC in R/W and B/W3711.00 cum226.423711.00 cum3410.00 cum38.14208.05
9.RRM in R/W and B/W5534.00 cum169.235534.00 cum4606.93 cum25.82140.88
10.TMT Bar in R/W27.00 mt13.9427.00 mt21.16 mt210.92
11.H.P. Stone2470.00 cum16.212470.00 cum2000.00 cum2.4113.13
Total Amount: 545.53 85.14   464.44
Remarks: No Remarks       Work Program Made On: 13-02-2020       Updation of work program on: 07-02-2022      
Work Program Status:Program Expired.
Financial Progress
SNo. Date Payment
1.26-February-202167.23  lakhs
2.27-March-202158.29  lakhs
3.31-May-202168.97  lakhs
4.09-July-202135.06  lakhs
5.31-January-202298.53  lakhs
6.03-March-202230.00  lakhs
7.31-March-202261.85  lakhs
8.31-May-202240.96  lakhs
Total 460.89  lakhs
% Payment 75.43 %
Advance Amount:  0.00  lakhs        Recovered Amount:  0.00  lakhs        Balance to be Recovered  0.00  lakhs        * Advances are at package level not sub project level
Pending Environmental & Social issues
Environment & Social Compliances(Package level):No Pending Issue
Environment & Social Compliances(Sub Project level):
Banswara Mandakani(7404)EMP
Detailed report of this Package
No. of Test Required : 1903     No. of Test Done : 1903      No. of Test Passed : 1903      No. of Test Failed : 0   Test report of this package
Number of Pics Available on Web Repository: 254
Number of Notice(s) issued: 89

Mobile Pic Upload

( last 20 Pics)
SNo. Creation date Landmark Remark Data Collector Designation Orgnization Pic
1.22-04-2022Ch-120-130M-20CC concrete work blockVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
2.22-04-2022Ch 450 to u/sRRM structureVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
3.13-04-2022Ch -440-450 RRM WORK 5th liftRRM WORK in progressVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
4.12-04-2022Ch-440-450 rrm work 4th liftRRM WORK in progressVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
5.12-04-2022Ch -440-450 rrm 4th liftRRM WORK in progressVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
6.08-04-2022Ch-170 to 180cc block shutteringCC block shuttering workVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
7.07-04-2022Ch-430-440 RRM 6th liftRRM WORK 6th liftVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
8.06-04-2022Ch-430-440, RRM WORKRRM WORK 5th liftVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
9.06-04-2022Panel number 440 se 450 site visit environment expert EE, and CSC and contractor staffSite visit environment expertVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
10.06-04-2022Gabion block 180-190M-20CC concrete workVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
11.06-04-2022Change -30-40Site visit AE EE,JE, CSC contactors staffVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
12.01-04-2022Ch-430-440 d/sSite viewsVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
13.31-03-2022Banswara site visit AE,JE, Social expert,CSC and contactor staffVisit at Banswada siteVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
14.31-03-2022Banswara siteAir monitoring testVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
15.31-03-2022Ch- 350-360 m-30 facia 2nd liftRebond hammer testVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
16.31-03-2022Ch-60 to 70 facia 2nd lift m-30rccCore cutting faciaVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
17.31-03-2022Ch-450 to u/sSite rrm work and site cleaningVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
18.26-03-2022Panel location 430-440 m-20cc concreteM-20CC concrete workVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
19.26-03-2022Panel location 430-440 Excavation workExcavation work at Banswara siteVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic
20.26-03-2022Panel location 110-120 rrm 5th liftRRM WORK in progressVinod Kumar Gupta ` ` See Pic