Package Profile Report

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Package Profile Report

11/BC/PIU/USIDCL/PB/2015-16 Agreement signed
Project: UDRP-H Package No.: 2261 Package Name: 11/BC/PIU/USIDCL/PB/2015-16 Sanction Cost: 428.00  lakhs
District: Chamoli Block: Joshimath Constituency: Badrinath Circle:
DEA: DEA PB DSC: SOWil Limited DSC Scope: Design and Supervision No.of Sub project : 2
Subproject in this package
1  7302   Police Station Lambagad (0.000 KM.) (completed)
2  7303   Police Station Govindghat (0.000 KM.) (completed)
Package No.: 2261        Package Name: 11/BC/PIU/USIDCL/PB/2015-16        Tender Date: 08-04-2016        Current Status: Agreement signed        Achieved on Date: 30-06-2016

Construction Phase

Agreement Details
Bond/Agreement Name: 11/BC/PIU/USIDCL/PB/2015-16        Contractor Name: Ayush Construction Pvt. Ltd.       
Start Date: 30-06-2016        Intended Completion Date: 10-06-2019        Original End Date:  29-09-2017
Total Bond Cost: 87304781 (873.05 lakhs)        Variation Cost: -37279261.55 (-372.79 lakhs)     Hence Total Bond Cost is   50025519.45 (500.26 lakhs) 
LD Analysis for Milestone1: calculated LD is Rs 15671068 for +359 days        LD Analysis for Milestone2: calculated LD is Rs 15409156 for 353 days       
Component Wise Progress
SNo. Progress Name As per Work Programme As per Actual
Quantity Amount
(in lakhs)
Target Quantity Achieved Quantity Progress(in %) Cost of completed work
(in lakhs)
1.Site Development85.61 Job62.8213.86 Job13.86 Job44.8662.82
2.Foundation and Plinth Work5.37 Job24.735.37 Job5.37 Job2.5324.73
3.Structural Frame58.13 Job267.7558.13 Job58.13 Job27.4267.75
4.Doors & Windows 8.90 Job40.998.90 Job8.90 Job4.240.99
5.Water Supply and Sanitary work 1.75 Job8.061.75 Job1.75 Job0.828.06
6.Electrification Works7.25 Job33.397.25 Job7.25 Job3.4233.39
7.Other Allied Works & Finishing Work 32.99 Job62.5013.74 Job13.74 Job16.7762.50
Total Amount: 500.24 100   500.24
Remarks: No Remarks       Work Program Made On: 07-11-2016       Updation of work program on: 19-07-2019      
Work Program Status:Task Finish.
Financial Progress
SNo. Date Payment
1.21-June-201737.26  lakhs
2.30-June-201737.98  lakhs
3.31-January-2019198.50  lakhs
4.14-May-201981.74  lakhs
5.28-May-201938.31  lakhs
6.11-June-201954.79  lakhs
7.24-June-201943.03  lakhs
8.18-October-20198.65  lakhs
Total 500.26  lakhs
% Payment 100 %
Advance Amount:  0.00  lakhs        Recovered Amount:  0.00  lakhs        Balance to be Recovered  0.00  lakhs        * Advances are at package level not sub project level
Pending Environmental & Social issues
Detailed report of this Package
No. of Test Required : 357     No. of Test Done : 357      No. of Test Passed : 357      No. of Test Failed : 0   Test report of this package
Number of Pics Available on Web Repository: 208
Number of Notice(s) issued: 33

Mobile Pic Upload

( last 20 Pics)
SNo. Creation date Landmark Remark Data Collector Designation Orgnization Pic
1.05-06-2019LambagadTree plantation on environment dayNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
2.05-06-2019LambagadPlantation on Environment dayNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
3.05-06-2019LambagadPlantation on Environment dayNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
4.04-06-2019LambagadFront light boardNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
5.04-06-2019LambagadFinal light testing front buildingNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
6.04-06-2019LambagadBack side light testingNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
7.04-06-2019LambagadKitchen geyser, sink, mixtureNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
8.01-06-2019LambagadFire systemNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
9.01-06-2019LambagadSmoke detectorNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
10.01-06-2019LambagadFire alarmNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
11.01-06-2019LambagadTesting of CCTV CameraNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
12.01-06-2019LambagadFixing CCTV CameraNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
13.01-06-2019LambagadTruss fixing workNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
14.01-06-2019LambagadFire seafty, and CCTV Camera workNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
15.01-06-2019LambagdFixing truss and polycarbonate sheetNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
16.01-06-2019LambagadFan and tube lightNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
17.01-06-2019LambagadTruss fixingNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
18.16-05-2019LambagadBoundary wall wire fencingNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
19.16-05-2019LambagadPriming on wallNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic
20.16-05-2019LambagadPriming on wallNeeraj KumarJEUDRP-H Chamoli See Pic