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Package Profile Report

UDRP/PWD/08/05/RD/98 Agreement signed
Project: UDRP-RB Package No.: 109 Package Name: UDRP/PWD/08/05/RD/98 Sanction Cost: 956.10  lakhs
District: Bageshwar Block: Garud Constituency: Bageshwar Circle: Pithoragarh WB Circle
DEA: DEA Bageshwar DSC: Royal Haskoning DHV DSC Scope: Design and Supervision No.of Sub project : 1
Subproject in this package
1  1118   Harinagri-Kulau-Gwaldam MR (17.000 KM.) (completed)
Package No.: 109        Package Name: UDRP/PWD/08/05/RD/98        Tender Date: 10-04-2015        Current Status: Agreement signed        Achieved on Date: 07-07-2015

Construction Phase

Agreement Details
Bond/Agreement Name: UDRP/PWD/08/05/RD/98        Contractor Name: Anil Malik Contractor       
Start Date: 14-07-2015        Intended Completion Date: 31-12-2016        Original End Date:  13-10-2016
Total Bond Cost: 92930638.35 (929.31 lakhs)        Variation Cost: 4331703.78 (43.32 lakhs)     Hence Total Bond Cost is   97262342.13 (972.62 lakhs) 
LD Analysis for Milestone1: calculated LD is Rs 1951530 for 42 days        LD Analysis for Milestone2: calculated LD is Rs 2044460 for 44 days       
Component Wise Progress
SNo. Progress Name As per Work Programme As per Actual
Quantity Amount
(in lakhs)
Target Quantity Achieved Quantity Progress(in %) Cost of completed work
(in lakhs)
1.Hill side Cutting & Slip clearence1.95 KM55.521.95 KM1.95 KM5.9455.52
2.R/Wall, B/ Wall Type Protection works1288.00 m171.561288.00 m1288.00 m18.36171.56
3.GSB/RBI/G-14.81 KM81.864.81 KM4.81 KM8.7681.86
4.G-313.40 KM94.7613.40 KM13.40 KM10.1494.76
5.PC/CC i/c Prime Coat, Tack Coat15.10 KM214.2515.10 KM15.10 KM22.93214.25
6.Cause Way1.00 No13.131.00 No1.00 No1.4113.13
7.Culverts/Scupper 29.00 No108.4729.00 No29.00 No11.61108.47
8.longitudinal Drain16930.00 m99.1312468.00 m12468.00 m10.6199.13
9.Crash Barrier2230.00 m53.872230.00 m2230.00 m5.7753.87
10.Parapet390.00 No9.46390.00 No390.00 No1.019.46
11.Road Furniture3162.00 No20.463162.00 No3162.00 No2.1920.46
12.Other Allied Works & Finishing Work 1.00 Job11.971.00 Job1.00 Job1.2811.97
Total Amount: 934.44 100   934.44
Remarks: No Remarks       Work Program Made On: 29-09-2015       Updation of work program on: 28-11-2017      
Work Program Status:Task Finish.
Financial Progress
SNo. Date Payment
1.30-October-201554.22  lakhs
2.23-December-201552.04  lakhs
3.06-January-201628.89  lakhs
4.01-February-201671.36  lakhs
5.28-March-201692.27  lakhs
6.31-May-2016135.73  lakhs
7.09-August-201676.80  lakhs
8.29-September-201672.14  lakhs
9.22-October-2016187.02  lakhs
10.08-December-20160.41  lakhs
11.21-December-201690.51  lakhs
12.02-February-20170.33  lakhs
13.09-February-201742.25  lakhs
14.08-September-20170.17  lakhs
15.18-September-201770.20  lakhs
16.16-November-20184.63  lakhs
Total 978.97  lakhs
% Payment 100.65 %
Advance Amount:  402.76  lakhs        Recovered Amount:  510.08  lakhs        Balance to be Recovered  -107.32  lakhs        * Advances are at package level not sub project level
Pending Environmental & Social issues
Detailed report of this Package
No. of Test Required : 845     No. of Test Done : 830      No. of Test Passed : 806      No. of Test Failed : 24   Test report of this package
Number of Pics Available on Web Repository: 227
Number of Notice(s) issued: 74

Mobile Pic Upload

( last 20 Pics)
SNo. Creation date Landmark Remark Data Collector Designation Orgnization Pic
1.06-05-201712+760Slip clearance and drain Excavation requiredManoj BhattREDSC2 R&B WB Pauri See Pic
2.09-01-2017Ch- 1+650Damaged exiting Culvert has been replaced by new Culvert.Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
3.19-11-2016Ch 5.800Causeway inspection by CE sir almora.Jagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
4.19-11-2016Ch 3.550Inspection of Lab by CE sir PWD (kumau)almora.Jagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
5.19-11-2016Ch 0.200PC thickness checking and found 20 mm.Jagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
6.19-11-2016Ch 0.00CE sir PWD almora inspectionJagdish Narayan Meenaunknownunknown See Pic
7.19-11-2016Ch-12+000PC completed and Seal coat being applied on last 300 mMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
8.16-11-2016Ch-17+075Seal coat laying over PC SurfaceMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
9.16-11-2016Ch-9+400 to 9+420B/ Wall including new road surface damaged by local in illegal way,Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
10.16-11-2016Ch-3+650Conducted Ambient Air quality test, Result awaitedMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
11.16-11-2016At plantStock of Emulsion at HMP for use in prime coat & tack coat for Pkg 98 & 99Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
12.03-11-2016Chainage 15+900Seal coat in progress during the site visit of DPMManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
13.03-11-2016Chainage 15+980PC thickness checked and found 33mmManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
14.03-11-2016Starting pointRoad visited by DPMManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
15.03-11-2016HMPDPM visited roadManoj BhattREDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
16.26-10-2016Ch-1+650Existing Culvert damage, repairing required.Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
17.19-10-2016Ch-2+935Loose Thickness of PMC 30mmMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
18.19-10-2016Ch-2+935PMC Laying and laying temperature found 103 °CMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
19.19-10-2016Ch- 2+925PMC Laying & quality is goodMukesh Kumar Yadav 2QCDSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar See Pic
20.17-10-2016Ch 5.450Laying of P.Q.C on causewaySanjeev BhattAEUDRP R&B Bageshwar See Pic