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Pic Id: 24674 Uid: 1136
Subproject: Chaufala Mate Tilsari MR District: Bageshwar
Data Collector: Mukesh Kumar Yadav 2 Designation: QC
Organisation: DSC5 R&B WB Bageshwar
Landmark: 4+320 Remark: Sample collection for CBR third party testing
Date: 2016-10-22 14:33:54


Contractor has confirmed that 40 Nos.PPE sets are now available at site.
By: Naresh Mittal About Social
on 14-November-2016 16:46 PM

project manager of contractor has been instructed to bring new PPE set by 10 Nov.2016
By: Naresh Mittal About Others
on 07-November-2016 10:25 AM

DSC please give them a time frame i.e a weeks time for providing PPEs. Stll if the contractor fails to do so, then purchase the same and deduct the cost of the same from their invoices.
By: Nutan Gupta About Environment,Suggestions
on 06-November-2016 18:15 PM

Samples for CBR handed over to Pant Nagar University on 27th Oct.2016 and result will be provided by university up to 12th November 2016. Same will be shared after receiving.
By: Manoj Bhatt About Others
on 05-November-2016 14:54 PM

Contractors site engineer is instructed for PPE
By: Manoj Bhatt About Others
on 05-November-2016 14:50 PM

DSC and FPIU please ensure use of PPE for labors.
By: Neha Dobhal About Social
on 04-November-2016 16:37 PM

@ Team leader DSC 05, Please share the CBR test result.
By: Sunil kumar About Quality
on 03-November-2016 12:11 PM

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