Search and Rescue Equipment Availablity Dashboard

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SNo. Equipment. Almora Bagesh- war Chamoli Cham- pawat Dehra- dun Hari- dwar Nanital Pauri Pitho- ragarh Rudra- prayag Tehri Udham Singh Nagar Uttar- kashi Total
1Aara big(in hectare; m/s sq )04000000000004
2Aaska Light(in m/s sq/BIPM )5914112600022248114154
3Air lifting bag with accessories(in No.)20205000028421080
4Angle Cutter 14" Dia(in No.)0020190000211429
5Anti Freeze Jacket(in No.)006000000603520
6ATC(in No.)00001000000001
7Auto locking device(in No.)001060001112113
8Avalance Prove(in No. )00000000002002
9Avalanche rod(in No.)00002000000002
10Avenlanch Pole(in no )10000000000001
11Axe(in No./mt )012000800092328080
12AXE MAT KIT(in No.)0020120000412324
13Axe Meh Baita(in No. )3500000000000035
14Back pack leaf blower(in No.)00001000000012
15Bag Tracking(in No. )20000000000002
16BAG VALVE MASK – ADULT DISPOSABLE(in No.)002020000400412
17BAG VALVE MASK – CHILD DISPOSABLE(in No.)002020000400412
18BANDAGE ELASTIC 3” ACE(in No.)000040000100510
19BANDAGE ELASTIC 6 “ ACE(in No.)000040000100510
20Bandsaw(in v/watt )00000000050005
21Bandsaw iron(in No./rpm )00000000007007
22Bandsaw wood(in No. )00000000005005
23BE 100 k multipurpose engine(in No. )00000000001001
24Bed sheet(in No. )00000500000005
25Belcha Meh Baita(in No.)3800000000000038
26Binocular(in No. focal length )00200000010238
27Blanket (in No. )0000030001400017
29Body Bag(in No.)004701500000500050297
30Body Harness(in No.)00000000000066
31Bolt cutter(in No./rpm )00000400040008
32BOLT CUTTER 14 INCHES(in No.)0030130000310324
33BOLT CUTTER 30 INCHES(in No.)0130130001210324
34BOLT CUTTER 36 INCHES(in No.)1030100000411324
35Breathing apparatus set(in opm)000006000030011
36BRICK HAMMER(in No.)0020100000400118
37Bullet cutter(in watt/v )00000200000002
38Cairabiner Plain(in No. )00100000000380048
39Camera(in x )50000000000005
40Carabenar(in No. )00000006000006
41carabineer(in No. )00000400000004
42Carabineer With Screw(in No. )12107016600001861782746538
43Carabineer(connector)(in No. )0300000000000030
44Carabineers plane(in No.)0060260002101051877
45Carabiner big(in No. )0000000000500050
46Carabiner small(in No. )0000000000560056
47Caraminer(in No. )0000000000028028
48CARPENTER HAMMER 3 INCHES(in No.)0020250000320740
49CARPENTER PENCIL(in No.)0030230000000026
50Carrabiner Screw Gate(in No. )0000000000008585
51Carry mat(in No. )123000060004808477338
52CERVICAL COLLAR ADJUSTABLE(in No.)00802100006001045
53Chain Saw(in voltage/pitch )40000000000004
54Chargeable torch(in No. )00000000002002
55Charging Torch(in No. )1400000000000014
56Chest Harness(in No. )0000000000120012
57Chipping Hammer(in No. )0040140000321327
58CHISEL FOR CONCRETE (WIDTH 1.5”to 1”)(in No.)0040120000310324
59CHISEL FOR CONCRETE(WIDTH ½”)(in No.)0000180000110324
60Chocknut anchor(in No. )000000000012300123
61Circular Saw(in mm/watt/rpm )501400020111015
62Circular Saw Concreate Cutter(in mm/watt/rpm )00000000000101
63Circular Saw Iron Cutter(in mm/watt/rpm )00000002000103
64Circular Saw With Displacement Of Atleast 64.1 Cm3(in watt )00000000000004
65Claimbing Rope(in No. )0000000000450045
66CLAW HAMMER(in No.)0020260000320640
67Climbing Helmet(in No. )0000000000008787
68Climbing helmets with head lamp(in No. )0500000000000050
69Cold water rescue suit(in No.)00000000002002
70Combo tool(in No. )00000300020005
71Comealong 1.5 tons(in tons)10004000000027
72Concreate Cutter Hand Held(in watt )00000000010001
73Concrete Cutter(in watt )00100000000001
74Craw Bar(in No. )00000130001800031
75Crow bar(in No. )00000000003956095
76Crow Bar 2 feet(in No. )0040200000720640
77CROW BAR 3 FEET(in No.)0080210000721848
78Cube(in No. )00000000030003
79cutter saw(in No. )00000100000001
80Dangri(in No. )8000000002280038
81Dead man anchor(in No. )00000000002002
82DEPRESSOR – TONGUE(in No.)00005000005000100200
83Descender(in No. )61218825808444796083492
84Diamond Blade(in rpm )20000000000002
85Diamond Chain Saw(in rpm )002420020112115
86Diamond Chain Saw Cutter(in rpm )00000002000002
87Diamond Chain Saw Having 2 Stroke Petrol Engine Wi(in rpm )00000000000008
88Diamond Pressure Cutter(in rpm )00000000010001
89Dib(in No. )0000012000000012
90Digital camera(in No. )02001000000025
91Diving Suit(in No.)00000000003005
92Door breaker(in rpm )00000100000001
93Double Pulley(in No. )002030000917123
94Dragon Light(in No. )1022013800041901279
95Dragon light cyclopse(in No. )103040001071320
96Dragon light maglight(in No. )00000000003003
97Dragon Light With 50W LED Dual Use AC/DC Recharge(in No. )000000000000029
98DRESSING ABDOMINAL – 7 ½”(in No.)00000000020002040
99DRESSING MULTI TRAUMA 12” X 3”(in No.)000010000010002040
100Dry bag big(in No.)00000000002002
101Dry bag small(in No.)00000000001002
102Dynamic rope 100mt(in No.)00001000001024
103Electric Drill(in AC )001090000012316
104Emergency Light Solar(in No. )0040600010302034
105Emergency Lights AC/DC Rechargeable(in No. )0002800000000040
106EMERGENCY RESCUE STRETCHER(in No.)00103000000004
107FIBER SPINE BOARD FULL WITH VELCRO(in No.)006030000200011
108FILE FLAT 12 INCHES(in No.)0010150000510224
109Fire Axe 2 ½ feet(in No. )0020120000411324
110Fire Extinguisher(in No. )940010000000014
111Fire ropes(in No.)00101000000002
112First Aid Bag(in No. )00000000080008
113First Aid Box(in No. )14090080005014050
114First Aid Kit(in No. )0000000000001515
115Flagon(in No. )000004000122428068
116FLEXIBLE SPLINTS LARGE / MED / SMALL(in No.)000033000012001560
117Floatation ropes(in No.)00105000000006
118Floating pump(in No.)00001000000001
119Flood Light(in No. )00001300000001326
120FRAMMING SQOARE 22 INCHES(in No.)0040340000020040
121Friends(in No. )00000000010001
122Friends pitton(in No. )0000000000540054
123Full Body Harness(in No. )1130600011811335
124FULL KIT BAG HARD(in No.)00007000010008
125Gas Cutters(in RPM )00000000004004
126Gas cylinder(in No. )00000200000002
127Gas Cyliner/ Petromax(in No. )1900000000000019
128Gas mask(in No. )00000000006006
129GAUZE DRESSING VASELINE(in No.)00000000040004080
130Generator(in No. )111061001001315
131Genti Meh Baita(in No. )4000000000000040
132Girgiri(in No. )0000000000100313
133GLASSES EYE PROTECTION(in No.)0016020000024001272
134Gloves(in No. )30000000000003
135GLOVES STERILE LATEX MEDIUM(in No.)000060000002505003001250
136Gps(in No. )004020000002210
137Guide helmet(in No.)00000000003004
138Gun Torch(in No. )00000000080008
139HACKSAW 12 INCHES TUBULAR(in No.)0000160000210424
140HACKSAW REPLACEMENT BLADE 12” LONG(in No.)0000150000211424
142Hammer(in No. )0000030006360045
143Hammer Pitton(in No. )520000000000560108
144Hammer Wig(in No. )00000200000002
145Hand loud speaker(in No. )11321580001621664
146Hand Loud Speaker Dry Cell & 12 V Car Battery Oper(in No. )000000000000014
147Hand Operated Siren(in No. )00000000000011
148HAND SAW 600mm(in No.)0020130000410324
149Hand Torch(in No. )0000000002400024
150Harness Combined(in No. )20000000000002
151Head Lamp(in No. )0000000000008585
152Head Light(in No. )0000150000000015
153Helmet(in No. )120000150004213400209
154Helmet Torch(in No. )6100000000000061
155Helmet with Torch Light (in No. )00450000400106840369
156Hexa Blade(in No. )000000000570012
157High beam torch 3 cell(in No. )000000000015900159
158Hydraulic Cutter(in mm/watt/rpm )00110000000002
159Hydraulic Cutter With Pump(in mm/watt/rpm )00000000000101
160Hydraulic Power Pump(in mm/watt/rpm )00100000000001
161Hydraulic Pressure Cutter(in kPa/psi )00000000010001
162Hydraulic pump with cutter(in kPa/psi )00000000001001
163Hydraulic pump with spreader(in kPa/psi )00010000001002
164Hydraulic Rescue Cutter(in kPa/psi )00020000000002
165Hydraulic Rescue Cutter Spreader(in kPa/psi )00120000000104
166Ice Axe(in No. )2000200000200024
167Inflatable Light Tower(in No. )0003000000302733
168Inflatable Lighting Tower (Aska) (Emergency Lightn(in No. )112030001011212
169Inflating light tower(in No. )100306000000010
170Inverter(in No. )20000000000002
171Iron Cutter(in cutting speed/rpm )0100010000100315
172Iron Cutter/ Cut Of Saw(in cutting speed )00005000000005
173Jummar(in No. )191602400014660278241
174Kanta(in No. )0011000000000011
175Karavinr(in No. )2200000000000022
176Keyhole saw(in No.)0000170000000320
177KIT CARRYING BAG NYLON(in No.)000050000200310
178Large axe(in No. )00000800000008
179LED chargeable lamp(in No. )0000000000150015
180LEVEL 12 INCHES(in No.)0000220000200024
181Life bouy(in No. )0020321000240438
182Life Buoys High Visiblity Sythentic Reflectie Tape(in No. )0001000000000010
183Life Buoys Made From Durable High Visiblity Sythen(in No. )0001000000000021
184Life jacket for guide(in No.)00000000003004
185Life Jacket Made From Durable High Visiblity Sythe(in No. )0000000000000129
186Life Jackets(in No. )84404302154000361358373566
187Life saving jacket(in No. )00000500000005
188life tube(in No. )00000400000004
189Long Sealing(in No. )001001100004170047
190Long Silling 15 Feet(in No. )00150000004600061
191Long sling(in No. )1060029000120321317119
192Lucy light(in No.)11303700015721877
193Lylon Tarpaulin(in No. )30000000000003
194Manila rope(in No. )00002200000004
195Manila Rope 50mtr(in No. )00301000022009
198MASK UNIVERSAL SIZE(in No.)00600300000500020160
199Mattress(in No. )008004000000012
200Mitton(in No. )000001000037126720245
201Mitton Pair(in No. )855109100010401423126372
202Mobile medical van(in No. )00000000010001
203Mountaining climbing rope with pulley(in No. )00000200000002
204Mountaining Rope(in No. )27100000000028056
205Multi Cable Winch(in No.)00002000000013
206Multipurpose Cutter(in kPa/psi )00000000000011
207Multipurpose iron hook(in No. )00000000002002
208Multipurpose Knife(in No. )0000000001100011
209Multipurpose Rope 100 Mtr(in No. )20403800101025624111
210Multipurpose Rope 11.5 Mm 100mtr(in No. )0001200000000042
211Multipurpose Rope 200 Mtr(in No. )00000000000099
212Multipurpose Rope 50mtr(in No. )0202000000000224
213Multipurpose screw driver(in No. )00000000004004
214Multipurpose wire cutter(in No. )00000000009009
215Napsack(in No. )00400000000004
216New Mattic air pressure bag(in No. )00000200000002
217Nylon rope 50 mtr(in No. )00000000006006
218Nylon Rope Static 100 Mtr(in No. )0000000000003232
219Nylon Tarpaulin(in No. )4100003000824280104
220Oxygen Cannula Nasal(in No.)0000400006001020
221Oxygen Cylinder(in No. )0000000003000030
222PA shoes climbing(in No. )0000000000270027
223PADDED BOARD SPLINT WOODEN LARGE(in No.)0000100000000010
224PADDED BOARD SPLINT WOODEN MEDIUM(in No.)0000100000200517
225PADDED BOARD SPLINT WOODEN SHORT(in No.)0000100000500520
226Paddle(in No.)0000000000220028
227PAINT BRUSH ¾ INCHES(in No.)0000400000000040
228PEN LIGHT(in No.)00003000020027
229Petromax(in No. )0000020005014021
230Phafda Meh Beta(in No. )3700000000000037
231Pick axe(in No. )026000180001040280122
232PICK MATTOCK 3 KG(in No.)113040002412322
233PLIER & INCHES(in No.)0030110000411323
234Pneumatic Rope Launcher(in No. )00004000000004
235PNEUMATIC SPLINTS SET(in No.)00004000020028
236POCKET MASK ( CPR )(in No.)00100100000400630
237Poratable Light With Generator(in No. )00000000000101
238Portable emergency lighting system with generator(in watt )0100000000000010
239Portable Generator(in watt )004080000000820
240Portable Inflatable Emergency Light(in No. )00300000000003
241Portable stretchers three fold(in No. )0200000000000020
242Portable Tent(in No. )007000000000613
243Portable Tent (6 Man)(in No. )0000150000000015
244Portable tent small(in No. )0140000000000014
245Power ascender(in No.)00004000000004
246Protable Emergency Lighting System(in No. )00080000000008
247PRY BAR 6 FEET(in No.)1160200002421846
248Pulley(in No. )03240000000391419108
249Pulley Tendum(in No. )004020000040416
250Quick relief knife(in No. )00000600000006
251Rack sack bags(in No. )0200000000000020
252Raft 14ft complete set(in No. )00100000001003
253Raft 16 ft(in No.)00000000002002
254Raft With Equipment(in No. )00000000010001
255Rain coat(in No. )086000160000000102
256Rain Gauge (in No. )1000000000000010
257Rain Suit(in No. )120045000000481368480513
258Raplling rope(in No. )6000000000210027
259Rappling Rope 8mm 100mtr(in No. )00040000000004
260Reciprocating saw(in No.)102090000313322
261Red blanket(in No. )00000800000008
262Rescue fork(in No. )00000400000004
263Resque Cutter(in No./rpm )00000002000002
264Rock Climbing Boot(in No. )30000000030006
265Rock Drill/ Demolition Hammer With Generator(in No. )20020000000004
266Rock Pittion(in No. )00001000002400034
267Rock pitton(in No. )0000240000013160161
268Rope(in No. )16000019000000035
269Rope 50 mtr 10.5 mm(in No. )0000000000200020
270Rope 50 mtr 9.8 mm(in No. )0000000000200020
271Rope 50mtr Rappling(in No. )00000000030003
272Rope ladder(in No. )00000200072314046
273Rope Ladder 30 Feet(in No. )1402072001511336
274Rope Ladder 40Ft(in No.)002090000312320
275Rope Manila(in No. )0000017000000017
276Rope Manila (100mtr rolls)(in No. )00000000030003
277Rope Multipurpose 200mtr(in No. )00000000040004
278Rope Nylon(in No. )0000040000028032
279Rope Nylon (100mtr rolls)(in No. )0000000000020020
280Rope nylone 11mm(in No. )00000100000001
281Rope Plastic(in No. )00000400000004
282Rope prostrone 500mtr(in No. )00000000004004
283Rotary Circular Rescue Saw 14" Dia(in No.)1120110001201423
284Rotary hammer drill(in No.)00007000000018
285Rucksack(in No. )0020000002490659
286Safety Net(in No. )10000000000001
287Safety nut(in No. )00000000004004
288Safety tool with hook(in No. )00000200000002
289Sambhal Small- Large(in No. )7800000000000078
290Sangal(in No. )00000000010001
291Satellite phone(portable)(in No. )02000000000002
292Saw Large(in No. )70000000000007
293Saw Small(in No. )70000000000007
294Screw Caravinar(in No. )0000000001800018
295Sealing Tape(in No. )60000000000006
296Search Light(in No. )2000162012000143278
297Search Light AC/DC(in No. )0045000000000045
298Search light ac/dc rechargeable(in No. )0220000000000022
299Search light set(in No. )00000200000002
300Search Light with cable generator(in No. )00000200000002
301Seat Harness(in No. )52111083608217824753374
302Shavel(in No. )00000700000007
303Shell Torch(in No. )9200000000000092
304Short Silling(in No. )000029000013340986
305Short Silling 5mm 9 Feet(in No. )0010000000000010
306Shovel(in No. )000009000144828099
307Shovel gs(in No. )0320000000000032
308SHOVELS ROUND 8 INCHES(in No.)1040150001514334
309Sig Guard(in No. )0000010000000010
310Simple torch(in No. )0000000000370037
311Single Pulley(in No. )2120700022013947
312SLEDGE HAMMER 10 KG(in No.)001070001010112
313SLEDGE HAMMER 4 KGS(in No.)000060000510012
314SLEDGE HAMMER 7 KGS(in No.)1040240000721848
315Sleeping Bag(in No. )20802600006010020126
316Sliding barrier(in No. )0000020000000020
317Slotted Screwdrivers(in No. )0030150000421328
318Small Torch(in No. )00000000020002
319Snow Anchor(in No. )20000000000002
320Snow Boots(in No. )0012000000000012
321Snow Crow Bar(in No. )00000000010001
322Snow Gloves(in No. )00400000000004
323Snow Goggle(in No. )00400000000004
324Snow Jacket(in No. )00800000000008
325Snow shaal(in No. )0000000000100010
326Socks(in No. )00000500000005
327Solar Home Light(in No. )0015000000000015
328Solar lamp(in No. )00000000011350046
329Solar Light Lamp(in watt )2000000000000020
330Spade(in No. )0050722000943280114
331Spade Shovels 12 inch x 10 inch(in No. )216050003510326
332Spade(phawada)(in No. )0300000000620039
333Spades(in No. )210091003005627
334Static rope 100mt(in No.)00001000002058
335STETHOSCOPE(in No.)00300000000003
336Stich plate(in No. )0000000000150015
337Strecher (Canvas)(in No. )00000000001001
338Strecher (folding)(in No. )00000300000003
339Stretcher(in No. )11440300002240232136
340Stretcher 3 Fold (in No. )2000000000000020
341Stretcher canvas(in No. )00000100000001
342Stretcher Foldable Aluminium/Fiber(in No. )0003600000000036
343Stretcher Foldable Aluminium/Fiber Based(in No. )000000000000052
344Stretcher folding(in No. )1100040010301038
345Stretcher hardbase(in No. )0000000000120012
346Stretcher vaccum(in No. )00000000004004
347Survinor Mey Screw(in No. )50000000000005
348Swimming suits(in No.)0000000000100010
349Tandun Pulley(in No. )217070002463135
350TAPE DERMICAL CLOTH 2”(in No.)0000600006001224
351TAPE DERMICAL CLOTH – 1”(in No.)0000600006001224
352Tape Sealing(in No. )901000012000280810221
353Tape Sling 1.5 Mtr(in No. )0080000000121087216
354Tarpaulin(in No. )70000000000007
355Tasla(in No. )08000000000008
356Tasla/ Large Tasla(in No. )4000000000000040
357Tent(in No. )00000400000004
358Tent 4 Men(in No. )0000000150000015
359Tent big(in No. )0140000000000014
360Tent Dom(in No. )00000000070007
361Throw bag(in No.)00000000002003
362Tin Box(in No. )16000010006014037
363TIN SNIP 12 INCHES(in No.)0000260000521540
364Torch(in No. )000003200000080112
365Torch 4 Cell(in No. )000000000280840112
366Torch 4 cell steel(in No. )00000400000004
367Torch 5 cell(in No. )0000000000890089
368Torch Lithium Cell(in No. )0005000000000062
369Torch Wipro(in No. )0000000002000020
370Tracking Shoes(in No. )3015000000000018
371Traps(in No. )00400000000004
372Trekking shoes(in No. )0000000002470049
373TRIAGE RIBBON BLACK TAPE 50 M ROLL(in No.)00005000010039
374TRIAGE RIBBON GREEN TAPE 50 M ROLL(in No.)000040000400210
375TRIAGE RIBBON RED TAPE 50 M ROLL(in No.)00004000020039
376TRIAGE RIBBON YELLOW TAPE 50 M RIOLL(in No.)00005000010039
377Trunk steel(in No. )00000100000001
378Tube(in No. )00000300000003
379Tubulor pitton(in No. )00000000002002
380Under Water Torch(in No.)00000000003005
381Vaccum Stretcher(in No. )20000000000024
382Victim Location Equipment with Breaching System(in No.)00001000000113
383VISE GRIP 10 INCHES(in No.)0060100000211324
384Walkie talkie set(in amp/v )0400000000000040
385Warm jacket(in No.)0032018000032232520150
386Wet suit(in No.)00000000003005
387White water kayak(in No.)00000000002002
388Wind Proof Jacket(in No. )7000000000350042
389Wind proof trouser(in no )00000000004004
390Wire Cutter(in watt/v/rpm )20000100000003
391Wire Ladder(in No. )00000000000033
392Wood Cutter(in No./rpm )0101273000001024
393Wood Cutter Hand Held(in No./rpm )00000000040037
394Wood Cutter With Power Output 5.2 KW/7.1 HP Having(in No./rpm )00000000000007
395Yellow carbonet can(in No. )0000010000000010
396Zumar(in No. )7002080008008560293