Tender Status graph of World Bank Funded Project

Tender Process discriptionRoads & Bridges (in no)Public Building (in no)No of subprojectRoads & Bridges costPublic Building costTotal Cost
Process not started101272.430.00272.43
Tender floated3031709.840.001709.84
Tender received0000.000.000.00
Bid not received0000.000.000.00
Technical evaluation done0000.000.000.00
Non reponsive4041365.280.001365.28
Financial opened0000.000.000.00
Financial evaluation done0000.000.000.00
Acceptance issued4043087.210.003087.21
Agreement signed2512027193493.917018.97100512.88
Graph between process and sub project.
Graph between process and sub project cost.