Urban Water Supply

Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan aims to rehabilitate and reconstruct damaged 09 urban water supply schemes namely Srinagar-Pauri, Karanprayag, Gauchar, Rudraprayag, Devprayag, Uttarakashi , Bageshwar, Dharchula & Kapkot and related infrastructure works in the state of Uttarakhand due to heavy rains and massive flood during June 15-17, 2013 with the help of Asian Development Bank. State Disaster Management Agency (SDMA) is the executing agency and Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan (UJS) is the implementing agency for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of damaged 09 urban water supply schemes. Detailed Project reports of schemes of all nine towns prepared, Selection of consulting firm to assist UJS in, contract planning, procurement packaging, bid documents, invitation, receipt and evaluation of bids etc is completed. They will also supervise the construction, manage contracts, monitor construction activities, certify contractor’s progress claims, carry out quality control, testing and help in preparing progress and monitoring reports, maintaining accounts, processing bills and submission of disbursement claims.
Total Project Cost is 12 million US $. Deadline of project completion is 30 Sep, 2016. Procurment process of all 9 sub project has been completed and final cost of aggrement signed is  7402.49 lacs.
  • Kapkot Water Supply Scheme –Finishing work is in progress for infiltration well, Pipe line Hydraulic testing done for 2277m length. Procurement of pumps for Infiltration well is in progress. Transformer installation completed by UPCL. Pipe Procured - 125mm Dia. ERW - 7871m, Pipe Laying completed up to 7791m.

  • Bageshwar Water Supply Scheme – Discharge Confirmation at Suraj Kund Infiltration well site completed found 20 lpm/sqm. Infiltration wall – 6th lift wall reinforcement is in progress. Pumps 4 nos - order placed, TPI done, Pumps reached at site, Installation of pumps in progress, two pumps installation completed at kathayatbada pump house. Block measonry is in progress at Alum Godown. Pipe Procured - 150mm Dia. ERW- 1405m - laying is in progress up to 1060m pipe laying completed.

  • Dharchula Water Supply Scheme - Construction of RCC \intake chamber completed, Construction of 50 KL GLSR & 25Kl GLSR completed. 300kl GLSR work completed. HFRF outer wall casting completed, column casting is in progress. Pipe Procured - 100mm Dia. GI - 6510m, laying upto 4812m. 50mm Dia. GI - 1410m, Laying up to 1248m. 40mm Dia. GI - 240m, Laying up to 240m. 32mm Dia. GI - 90m, Laying up to 90m.

  • Rudraprayag Water Supply Scheme - Excavation of Stream crossing foundation completed. EE room side beam shuttering work in progress. Pipe Procured - 200mm Dia ERW -2000m, laying up to 1950m, 25mm Pipe GI-300 laying up to 300m, 32mm Pipe GI-300 laying up to 300m, 40mm Pipe GI-300 laying up to 300m, 50mm Pipe GI - 2250 laying up to 2200m, 65mm Pipe GI-600 laying up to 550m, 80mm GI-250m, laying up to250m.

  • Karanprayag Water Supply Scheme - Office building work in progress, Excavation work for Protection wall at 500kl GLSR site in progress, The Stream crossing Bridge works in progress. Pipe Procured - 200mm dia ERW -6000m, laying upto 3750m. 32mm GI -250, laying upto 250. 40mm GI-1675m, laying upto 850mm. 50mm GI – 1098, laying upto 894. 80mm GI -2300, laying upto 1200. 25mm GI-96m. 65mm GI-150m.

  • Gauchar Water Supply Scheme - Office building work in progress. 100 KL Water Tank – Civil works completed. Protection wall 4th lift reinforcement work in progress for 100kl GLSR. 12th lift completed of Infiltration Well. Filter media grading in progress. Pipe Procured - 200mm dia ERW -2638m, pipe welding & laying upto 2680m. 100mm GI-2400, laying upto 997. 80mm Dia ERW -1700m, pipe laying upto 1700m, 65mm GI -800m, laying upto 797m, 50mm GI -3700m, laying upto 3568m. 40mm GI -924m, laying upto 800m.

  • Uttarkashi Water Supply Scheme - Tube well boring 2 nos , completed (Both TW 45m depth) . Pipe Procured - 100mm GI-2400m, laying up to 1998m, 125mm ERW -780m, laying up to 762m, 200mm ERW-998m, laying up to 852m, 300mm ERW-1265m, laying up to 1150m. 250mm ERW- 720m.

  • Devprayag Water Supply Scheme - Environmental baseline Data Generation under EMMP- Completed & Confirmatory Survey is completed. Pipe Procured - 150mm GI-3300m, and laying upto 3360m, 125mm GI-8628m, laying upto 7223m. 100mm GI-996m. 25mm GI- 8610m laying upto 4050m.

  • Srinagar/Pauri Water Supply Scheme - Excavation work for 500kl CWR at Dang village in progress, Foundation works completed and RCC walls third lift in progress for 1000 kl CWR.Office Building works in progress. Total pipe reached at site is 15200m, 150 mm dia. pipes being laid in Khola , Dang as on date i) Khola 1754.50m , Dang : 1663.75m final welding is in progress , Pauri 200mm dia pipes laid 217.8m total laying 3634 m completed. Pipe Procured - 32mm GI- 900m, laying up to 738m. 40mm GI- 900m, laying upto 200m. 50mm GI- 700m. 65mm GI- 2000m, laying up to 1310m. 80mm GI- 500m, laying up to 490m. 100mm GI -6000m, laying upto 2850m, 150mm GI -911m, laying upto 180m. 150mm ERW-6996m, laying upto 5500m. 200mm ERW-6860m, laying upto 6320. 300mm ERW -2674m, laying upto 1300m.

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