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ADB-Loan 3055 IND, UEAP (R&B)

Uttarakhand Emergency Assistance Project

The project will assist the Government of Uttarakhand (GoU) to meet reconstruction needs due to disaster in Uttarakhand in June 2013 that severely affected several parts of Uttarakhand. The impact of the project is improved economic and social condition in Uttarakhand after 2013 disaster. The outcome of the project is basic public and social infrastructure restored disaster preparedness, project management and institutional effectiveness improved. The design and construction standards for the physical infrastructure will be raised to an appropriate level and the focus will be to build back the same or better. The revised high flood levels of the rivers, natural streams and drainage channels will also be considered, while designing facilities, Geotechnical studies will be undertaken and slope stabilization measures considered for slide zones, wherever applicable.The project will rehabilitate and reconstruct about 1,800 km of state highways (SH) and major district roads (MDR) affected by the disaster and rehabilitate and reconstruct about 16 damaged bridges on SH and MDR. In addition, the project will rehabilitate and reconstruct about 600 km of road section on ADB assisted projects in Uttarakhand, which have been damaged by the disaster. To restore minimum functional connectivity, fast-track rehabilitation works will be undertaken immediately after the rainy season ends in September 2013 and remaining rehabilitation works will be taken-up during the implementation period.


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