Technical Assistance & Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management

Subcomponents of Technical Assistance and Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management:

  • Risk Assessment, Modeling and Capacity Enhancement of Uttarakhand Space Applications Centre (USAC).:- Developing risk information and Creating a ‘Digital Risk Database’ which comprises data and risk information for disaster events like earthquakes, floods, landslides, flash floods and Industrial hazards for the State of Uttarakhand.
  • Slope stabilization study.:- Minimum rigorous impact of landslides on infrastructure and protect our habitation from large overflow in rivers during monsoon by treating and stabilizing active and prone slopes along with river training works.
  • River morphology study.:- The objective of the morphological analysis is to identify vulnerable area (habitation, public or private infrastructure, agricultural land) where rivers pose threat from morphological changes from episodic events such as excessive rains, cloud bursts and large landslide in the state of Uttarakhand. It is also proposed to develop Uttarakhand River Information Management System (URMIS).
  • Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity.:- This will focus on strengthening the capacity of the State’s Disaster Response Force (SDRF), fire services personnel and other immediate key response agencies in responding adequately to disaster situations through better search and rescue equipments and enhanced training.
  • Strengthening Hydro-Meteorological Network and Early Warning System (EWS). :- Modernization of the Hydromet observation and information systems in the state. Preparation of DPR for instrumentation of surface equipments and preparation of BOQ and tender document for procurement.
  • Decision Support System.:-  The objective of this effort is to develop and deliver a scalable platform that can enables GoU to effectively prepare, mitigation, respond and recover from future emergencies in Uttarakhand.
  • Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) / Simplified Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) / Detailed Vulnerability Assessment (DVA) and Seismic Retrofitting of all Govt. Buildings in Uttarakhand.:-  With an overall goal of increasing the State Disaster Resilience capacity to be able to increase safety during the times of Disasters, this project aims to ensure seismic safety of all key life line buildings and schools in Uttarakhand.
  • Building Regulation for Resilience (BBR):- The objective of this engagement is to provide a comprehensive review of the building regulatory framework that will form the basis for reform options in selected aspects of building code administration and implementation.

Latest Update

  • Risk Assessment,Modeling (approximate Rs 23.38 Cr for study  & data procurement) 24 months : Inception Report, Tranche 2a and 2b reports were submitted by consultant after Technical review these reports were approved by the PIU, TTF members and IIT Roorkee (Vetting Agency) as it was resubmitted after incorporating all the suggestions made by the TTF members and vetting agency.One of the objectives of this consultancy is to enhance capacity of nominated technical person working in various Government departments/Institute of the State in this regard various technical training programs have been performed by the firm. In this regard two days training workshop on “Orientation in CAPRA and Probabilistic Risk Assessment” held on 5th and 6th October 2017 at the Consultant office, this workshop was conducted to trained DMMC staff and DDMO. One day training workshop held on 07.03.2018 at Nainital and 09.03.2018 at Srinagar. In between 23-27 April, 2018 one more training program was conducted for USDMA technical staff regarding CRISIS, CAPRA and WEB VIEWER.The consultant has submitted Tranche 3a reports on 13.02.2018 and revised 3a reports were submitted on 01.05.2018. The reports are sent to TTF members and vetting agency for the technical review.
  • Slope stabilization study (approximate Rs 1.32 Cr) 18 Month: Final DPRs for 5 Slopes have been submitted by the consultant first week of October, 2017 which is approved by the vetting agency and TTF members. As all DPRs and Tender document are finalized, therefore all the pending payments has been released to the consultant and the project is now closed. Three DPRs i.e. Km 8 and Km 2&3 and Maa Purnagiri Temple shall be treated under additional financing. These three final DPRs along with tender document have been submitted to PIU(R&B) for further action.
  • River Morphology Study (approximate Rs 13.58 Cr) 22 Month:Consultant has submitted these reports (Inception Report for Phase –I, Data Collection and Survey report for Phase – I, Report on Identification of Vulnerable Reaches, Draft Inception Report for Phase –II, Data Collection and Survey report for Phase- II) which are approved by the TTF and vetting agency. Irrigation Research Institute (IRI), Roorkee is the technical vetting agency for reviewing the DPR’s, Design, Morphological Models other reports submitted by the consultant under river morphology study. Total 15 DPRs have to be prepared by the Consultant for the river training and bank protection works. Out of 15 DPRs consultant have submitted 05 Draft DPRs in the first week of January, 2018 namely Devlibagarh, Birahi, Kothiyalsain, U/S of Govindghat, Devli-Jakhani and final report in April, 2018, 04 DPRs are proposed to be submitted by the end of May, 2018. All15 DPRs shall be executed by PIU(R&B) under additional financing. The consultant has submitted all four morphological report namely Mandakani, Alaknanda, Bahgirathi and Kali River for which TTF meeting held on 17.04.2018 and the comments has been forwarded to the consultant which shall be replied within May 2018.
  • Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity:  Procurement of S&R equipments amounting INR 20.39 Cr has been done for SDRF Phase -I & II. Demonstrations for all equipments proposed under SDRF Phase-III for 16 packages have been completed.The list of the packages to be procured under phase-III of Procurement of search & Rescue Equipments have been finalized for an estimated value of INR 24.08 Cr and has been sent to WB for NOL.
  • Decision Support System (approximate Rs 15.00 Cr) 18 Month: • Earlier two times the bid process was initiated for Design, Development, and Operation of Modular Decision Support System for Disaster Risk Management but due to some administration and Management issues both the bid processes got cancelled. Third time the new bid process started after changing the TOR, the NIT was published in Newspaper and total 14 Nos of EOI were received after their evaluation RFP were issued to top six firms. The last date of bid submission was 12 February, 2018; only 4 firms have submitted their technical and financial proposal. After technical evaluation it was found that none of the firm has qualified for the next stage.
  • Strengthening Hydro-Meteorological Network and Early Warning System (approximate Rs 2.46 Cr) 21 Months: Under the project it is planned to install 107 AWS, 25 SFO (combination of Single Stevenson screen + Optical Rain Gauge +Automatic Weather Station), 28 ARG and 16 SG covering all 13 districts of the state. For procuring above said hydromet instrument bidding process was started and Astra Microwave Products Ltd. was finalized and LOA was issued on 23.04.2018.
  • Rapid Visual Screening (RVS)(approximate Rs 3.10 Cr ) • Under the project 28 teams were made, each team consist of one A.E and one J.E and are distributed in all the 13 districts of Uttarakhand. These engineers have collected12000 Nos.Public Buildings RVS data and on the basis of this RVS data a RVS draft report has been prepared and it is sent to The World Bank ( Conducted by PIU In-house). A consultant DDF is engaged for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Preparation of Seismic Retrofitting DPRs of 90 Health Centers for the State of Uttarakhand. Contract with the consultant was signed on 11th July 2017. Consultant has submitted draft Inception report on 28th August 2017 and revised report was submitted on 12th October 2017 and on 6th November 2017 this report was sent to TTF members for the review and the consultant incorporated all the comments in the report and the report is finalized. Consultant has submitted all the final SVA report of 90 hospital buildings and comprehensive SVA reports, these reports are finalized and approved by the PIU. Consultant team is conducting NDT and Soil investigation of hospital building, so far the work is completed in Dehradun, Haridwar, Nainital, Udham Singh Nagar, Bageshwar, Chamoli and Rudraprayag districts.
  • Building Regulation for Resilience (BBR)(approximate Rs 1.43 Cr ) • NIT was published in the two national news paper on 28th July 2017 for engaging the consultancy firm for assessment of Building Regulation of Uttarakhand. Till last date of submission i.e. 18th August 2017only one firm have submitted its EOI. This NIT was again published in three national newspaper on 31st August 2017 and till last date i.e. 20th September 2017 total 6 Nos of EOI were received. These EOI were evaluated and two firms were shortlisted for the RFP stage. The RFP document was issued to the firms and the last date of submission of the Technical and Financial documents was 27th November 2017, both the firms submitted their Technical and Financial documents. After technical and financial evaluation, the TERI was the L1 bidder. The contract with TERI was signed on 05 February, 2018 and the Kick off workshop held on 14 March, 2018. The consultant has submitted Inception report on 26 March, 2018 this report is under review.

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