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                                  In Monsoon Season specially on June 16, 17, 2013 unprecedented and very heavy rain fall in State of Uttarakhand caused the breaching of roads at many locations and washed away multiple bridges. Traffic was disrupted along all the National Highways and link roads in the region.Out of approximately 31430 Km. total road network of Public Work Department (PWD) Roads, 13 No. of NH, 35 No. of SH, 2385 No. of roads of Other Category of roads, 86 No. of Motor bridges & 172 No of Bridle Bridges were damaged/closed for traffic and 4200 No,s of villages disconnected for communication. PWD deployed departmental as well as hired Dozer’s/J.C.B’s and temporary labourers & installed trolleys for restoration of communication to above closed roads & bridges.Based on the findings of Joint Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment, World Bank and ADB team, World Bank agreed for providing Credit of Rs. 155 Million $ for Re-construction of Other District Roads (ODR’s) Village Roads (V/R), Bridle Road and Bridle Bridges as follows-


Category Of Roads
       In M $      
 In Rs. Crore 
 Bridle Roads/Bridle Bridges   


                               For the implementation of the reconstruction work Uttarakhand Government has created a separate Program Implementation Unit (PIU) at Dehradun and separate fields units comprising 1 Chief Engineer, 3 Superintending Engineers and 11, Executive Engineers have been posted in different Districts.

  • Construction of 223 Village Roads and Other District Roads worth Rs 825 crores with total of 1572 km length has been sanctioned by High Powered Committee.
  • Construction of 25 bridges Rs 144 crores with total of 1809 m span has been sanctioned by High Powered Committee.
  • 119 contracts of Road packages worth Rs 823 Crores & 22 contracts of Bridge packages worth Rs 140 Crores have been awarded. Total 141 No. of Contracts of Road & Bridge Packages for cost Rs 963 have been framed
  • Work started on 119 Road packages (219 Subprojects-Road) & 22 Packages (25 Subprojects- Bridge).
  • Work Completion of 221 roads(118 Packages) with total of 1558 km length & Bridges Completed in 19 Packages(22 no. of Bridges) with total of 1589 m span..
  • Remaining Works are in Progress
    • Roads Package 1, Subproject 2, Length 14 km
    • Bridge Package 2, Subproject 2, Span 150 M


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