World Bank Funded Reconstruction Project

Road & Bridges
Housing & Public Buliding
  • 223 Village Roads and Other District Roads worth Rs 814 crores with total of 1572 km length has been sanctioned by High Powered Committee.
  • 25 bridges Rs 148 crores with total of 1809 m span has been sanctioned by High Powered Committee.
  • DSC/BSC currently engagement for 03 packages (2 DSC + 1 BSC).
  • Agreement signed for Packages 139.
  • 117 contracts of Road packages worth Rs 800 Crores & 22 contracts of Bridge packages worth Rs 146 Crores have been awarded. Total 139 No. of Contracts of Road & Bridge Packages for cost Rs 946 have been framed.
  • Work started on 117 Road packages (219 sub projects-Road) & 22 Packages(25 sub projects - Bridges).
  • Work Completion of 152 roads(76 Packages) with total of 1036 km length and Bridges Completed in 3 Packages(6 no. of Bridges) with total of 224 m span.

Resilient Housing

  • First Installment of INR 1.5 Lacs released to 2488 beneficiaries.
  • Second Installment transferred to 2459 beneficiaries.
  • Third Installment transferred to 2431 beneficiaries.
  • Fourth Installment transferred to 2382 beneficiaries.
  • Total Payment made INR 13653.66 in lacs.
  • Total Payment for Room Rent 1381.66 (till may 2015)
  • Beneficiaries 2450 are also benifited with House Insurance under ODCH scheme.

Public Buliding

  • 15 Packages including 25 Public buildings were planned in 21 locations. Out of which Contract has been awarded in 15 packages( 21 Buildings).
  •  Geological investigations completed for all sites. Social and Environmental screening completed.
  •  Out of 15 Packages,10 Public Buildings have been constructed and handing over to parent department is in progress & 4 Package touches 60 % physical progress..
  •  For USDMA Building DPR is being finalized.
  •  Total Estimated cost of Running 15 Package 6559.57
  • Slope stabilization study:  Out of 5 DPRs (except Purnagiri Temple) ,4 vetted DPRs have been submitted by the consultant at the end of December.  
  • Strengthing Emergency response capacity:  Procurement of S&R equipments amounting INR 20.39 Cr has been done for SDRF Phase -I & II. The list of the packages to be procured under phase-III of Procurement of search & Rescue Equipments have been finalized for an estimated value of INR 24.08 Cr and has been sent to WB for NOL.
  • Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) / Simplified Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) / Detailed Vulnerability Assessment (DVA) and Seismic Retrofitting of all Govt. Buildings in Uttarakhand : Comments from TTF members have been submitted to the DDF consultant against Inception Report submitted by consultant.
  • River Morphology Study:    The consultant have submitted draft River Morphological report of Mandakini River and this report is forwarded to the TTF members and vetting agency.Comments of TTF members and vetting agency are submitted to consultant.

  • Strengthing Hydro-meteorological network & early warning system:   • MOU with ISRO-SAC for modeling of field hydromet data has been approved by ISRO – SAC.
  • Decision Support System:   Bid is published in Newspaper on 27th Sept., 2017 and last date of submission of REOI is 27th Oct 2017.                  
  • Disaster risk assessment and modeling study: The consultant have submitted reports for Tranche 2a and 2b after which Technical review of these reports have been approved by the TTF members, IIT Roorkee (Vetting Agency) and PIU.