Avinash Sharma
Kailash chand sharma
217 New vasant vihar enclave, Dehradun
Dear sir, We have purchased a land piece at kotda santur more than 10 years back thinking at the time of need, we will sell this land. My father is a businessman of age 65 and the business is completely down with no income at this point of time. He have a work OD limit of Rs. 12 lakhs for the buisness which is now incurring interest as the buisness is not performing. I am his son (jobless) having an education loan of 6.5 laks. without any income source the total monthly dues are approximately Rs. 45000. we are in a very bad shape and my dad have invested all his savings in this land keeping in mind the land could be sold later in future. There was a bridge over nimi river which was washed off during amarnath flood disaster and now the land is unapproachable. along with my father, there are several other old age people (known to my father) who have also purchased the land in the same locality keeping the land for the retirement support but they are also unable to sell the land. at this point of time we are managing some how all the dues but seeing the current situation we will not be able to sustain longer and we are at the edge of getting all these loans NPA and selling this land will be the only option to us which can not be sold until the bridge is built. Please help us getting this bridge completed. I am attaching the google maps image of the location and it can be seen that half of the bridge is still intact. Please guide us and help us at this point of need in which only government can help us. Thannk you, Your faithfuly avinash Sharma
On progress at PIU Level